Afghanistan XIV


Afghanistan XIV

Afghanistan is our most popular Expedition for a good reason: we’ve ran it more times than anyone this last Year and a half!

Despite being war-torn for decades, Afghan people still manage to keep their hospitality intact. We’ll fly to Kabul, wander the legendary capital, its traditional markets, explore Kandahar, the Pashtun cultural capital, wander in Bamyan’s ancient Buddhas carved in stone marvel in the mind-blowing landscapes of Band-e-Amir and delight in finger-licking food. Jump on this unique window of stability to undertake one of the most unique journeys you’ll ever undertake, the thrill of a lifetime!

This Expedition can be paired with Pakistan IV with a direct flight Kabul – Islamabad. Priority will be given to those who book both.


Note: this is a rough sample itinerary and may vary its order or parts of it based on our local crew’s guidance and knowledge of the situation in every region and for safety purposes. Kabul & Bamyan are guaranteed highlights.

Day 1: Kabul

We fly from Dubai at 6:45 am and land in Kabul at 8:30 am. Arrival and briefing. We’ll have a full day in Kabul exploring the infamous viewpoint Bibi Mehro Hill, Chicken Street and Babur Gardens.
Overnight in Kabul.

Day 2: Kabul – Kandahar

We explore the city of Kandahar, venturing to the Mirwais Khan Hotaki Tomb and the Ahmad Shah Baba Tomb. Later, we ascend the 40 Steps viewpoint for panoramic views.

Overnight in Kandahar.

Day 3: Kandahar – Kabul

In the morning, we delve into the vibrant atmosphere of Kandahar Bazaar and experience the unique Kandahar Bird Market. Afternoon drive or flight back to Kabul.

Overnight in Kabul.

Day 4: Kabul – Bamyan

We’ll fly between Kabul and Bamyan, the capital of the Hazarajat – home of the Hazaras and one of the most peaceful places in Afghanistan. When we arrive in Bamyan we will have time to look at the hillsides containing many caves in which monasteries and Buddhist carvings were once situated.

Overnight in Bamyan.

Day 5 & 6: Bamyan and Band-e Amir

We will spend two days in and around Bamyan, an area of striking natural beauty. The mountains and valleys are dotted with ruins from Afghanistan’s past as well as friendly Hazara villages. It is one of the few places in Afghanistan where we can walk freely and safely in a rural environment.

The Lapis Lazuli blue waters of Band-e-Amir are often the highlight of any trip to Afghanistan. Legend has it that the dams that separate the 5 lakes were made by Ali, the prophet Mohamed’s cousin and son in law. However, geologists insist they are natural dams made from mineral deposits. The lakes contrast to the stark landscape surrounding them only adds to the beauty of this area. We will also visit the natural landscape of Dragon Valley, see the ruins of Shah e Zohak (Red Fort), and the remains of Shah e Golghola (The City of Screams).

Overnight in Bamyan.

Day 7: Bamyan – Kabul

We will drive back to Kabul enjoying the scenic landscapes on the way. Then, we will explore what’s left of the city: the bird market, the Friday Mosque…

We fly out in the evening back to Dubai.


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Return flights Kabul- Kandahar.


Expert local guide and fixer.


Private vehicles and drivers in every city.

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We will supply you with a letter of invitation to apply at your nearest embassy.


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June 2nd -8th 2024

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We will assist you with the several options of Embassies you can get a visa from. We will supply you with a letter of invitation to apply at your nearest embassy.
For flights into Kabul – Dubai and Islamabad are the most reliable flights right now. We will all try to fly together from Dubai in the same flight.
Afghanistan is a destination for experienced travelers that know about the country and what they are signing up for. It’s an incredibly rich destination and you will have life changing experiences, but you have to be prepared to blend in, follow directions and bring an open mind.
We just ran more than twelve Expeditions and had no issues in these same places. We have all the permits, the best local crew and contacts to make our journey the smoothest one possible. Americans had no issues, and half of our groups were girls. Female tourists were required to cover their hair with a headscarf.


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