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Embark on the adventure of a lifetime in Angola – a hidden gem in Africa that is waiting to be explored. From the moment you arrive, you’ll be struck by the stunning natural beauty, friendly locals, and rich cultural diversity that this incredible country has to offer. Start your journey by marveling at some of the most breathtaking waterfalls in the world, and then connect with ancient tribes as you venture into the Namibe desert. As the sun sets, kick back and relax with a cold Angolan beer on the beautiful beaches of Luanda, where you’ll have the opportunity to share your newfound travel stories with like-minded adventurers. This well-rounded itinerary has something for everyone. Apply now and get ready to experience a destination that will leave you feeling truly alive!


Day 1: Journey to Calandula Falls.

  • Early morning drive to Calandula Water Falls to witness the sunset.
  • Overnight in Calandula.

Day 2: Calandula Falls and Shipwreck Beach.

  • After a breakfast with a view of the spectacular falls, take a short hike to the falls and return to Luanda.
  • Afternoon sightseeing tour of the capital city, visiting the shipwreck and beach bars.
  • Stay overnight in Luanda.

Day 3: Miradouro da Lua & Lubango.

  • Fly to Lubango in the morning and visit Miraduro da Lua (moon viewpoint) and try some street food in Luanda.
  • In the afternoon, fly out to Lubango and enjoy the stunning landscape at sunset.
  • Overnight in Lubango.

Day 4: Mumuila Tribe & Lubango.

  • Drive to the town of Muila to visit the tribal market and meet the unique Mumuila people. Greet the king (Soba) of the Mumuila de Llanura and stroll through the market.
  • Continue to the town of Chibia for lunch, then visit another market to meet the mountain Mumuila, who are more attached to animist cults.
  • Return to Lubango in the afternoon.
  • Overnight in Lubango.

Day 5: Tribes and Namibe

  • Set out on a journey to Namibe, the main port in southern Angola and a colonial center.
  • Stop at the Caraculo settlement and the Giraul oasis to meet the Ilha Mungongo community.
  • When you arrive in Namibe, take a tour of the city, its historic center, and the seafront on foot. Spend the night in the Namibe area.

Day 6: Namibe Desert.

  • Explore the desert and visit the oases of Curoca and Arco before having lunch in Tombwa, a colonial port with shipyards still in operation.
  • Take a tour of the dunes, then drive to the heart of the Mucubal territory, the last tribe to be subdued by the Portuguese colonial administration in 1936. Arrive at Virei, the administrative center of the region, by evening.

Day 7: Luanda.

  • Fly back to Luanda and go on a city tour in the afternoon, visiting the historic neighborhoods and landmarks of the capital.
  • In the evening, we’ll say goodbye at a beach club in la Ilha.
  • Overnight in Luanda.

Day 8: Fly out.

  • Fly back home with unforgettable memories of your exciting trip to Angola.
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Shared twin room in 3/4-star hotels (when available).


Expert local guides and fixer.


Private vehicles, fuel and drivers for our convoy.

Domestic Flights

Return tickets from Luanda to Lubango.



Visa Support

We'll help you get the evisa or apply at an Embassy if your nationality requires it.

Contribution to local communities

We try to create an impact contributing to every local community we visit.

Wander Expeditions Tour Leader

There will always be a WE tour lead with you, ensuring we create the best Travel Fam!
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Our Selection Process takes only 10 minutes and it helps us create the best travel family!


Angola has an evisa for $120 for most nationalities.
Wander Expedition doesn’t book flights for you and is ultimately not responsible for your flight connection, but we can offer guidance and support when you research the best options for you. We recommend you fly a day early into Luanda, on April 28th.
We will remain in stable areas at all times and we will be always accompanied by an expert local crew, which will help us interact with locals and have the best possible experience. We’ll also be traveling in a group, so that removes many of the risks when you do it solo.
The Angola Expedition is perfect if you are looking for an overland adventure, and exploring off the beaten path regions in Africa.

5 reviews for Angola

  1. Globalaurie (verified owner)

    Can’t recommend this trip enough. Great for getting off the beaten track and visiting the lesser seen parts of Southern Africa. Get ready for adventure in Angola, so much fun and super varied experiences!!

  2. despina.h88

    Did both expeditions from east to west of africa, from tanzania to angola. One of the best decisions of my life, it had everything, from safaris to camping. COULDNT RECOMMEND THIS ENOUGH

  3. Marta Balbastre Zuriaga

    Wild! The trip to Angola couldn´t have been any better! I joined both Expeditions, started in Tanzania and made all the way to the west coast. Amazing adventure, incredible experience and as always great people! Would do it again and again.
    Thinking already about the next expedition!

  4. Isa Tobolski

    Great well-rounded itinerary + best travel fam = epic adventure and lifelong stories. Don’t think, just say yes!

  5. Jorge Dominguez

    The Angola expedition had everything you can wish for in an African trip.

    We started off with the amazing Victoria Falls, a true wander of nature, then we moved on to Botswana and Namibia where we had amazing safaris seeing a lot of wildlife, and ended up with Angola, the best part and the biggest surprise for me: friendly locals, amazing culture, great landscapes, incredible beaches.

    10/10 would recommend joining this trip.

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