ADD-ON: We offer a pre-add-on for visiting Niger before the Chad Expedition. This will be the perfect opportunity for visiting Central African countries. It hasn’t been easy to organize in these unsettling times for Niger, but we managed to secure the best plan: time efficient, cost effective, and most importantly, the safest option minimizing road trips with the domestic flights.



Day 1: Niamey and  Kouré

  • Arrival 2am with Royal Air Maroc or Turkish. Niamey & Giraffes of Kouré with military escort.

Day 2 & 3: Agadez

  • Exploring the legendary Saharan city of Agadez. Includes Return flights for safety and convenience.

Day 4: Niamey

  • Morning in Niamey. 1.30pm Ethiopian Flight connecting with Njdamena & Chad Expedition (Free Layover in Addis with Ethiopian).
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Shared rooms in 3/4* Hotels with breakfast

Expert Local guides

Local guides with with military escort when required.

2 Domestic Flights

Return flights Niamey - Agadez (with a value of 250€ each)


Private vehicles, fuel and drivers


All entrance fees and activities mentioned.
October 2nd – 5th 2024

Our Selection Process takes only 10 minutes and it helps us create the best travel family!


Visa on Arrival for majority of nationalities
We will always be accompanied by an expert local crew, ensuring that we can interact with locals, enjoy the nature and have the best possible experience.
Wander Expedition does not handle flight bookings on your behalf and is not ultimately responsible for your flight connection. However, we can provide guidance and support as you research the best options for your journey. Our Expedition will commence and finis in Niamey. It is advisable to arrive with Royal Air or Turkish Airlines connection. For departure: the connecting Ethiopian flight has a good deal if you book with miles.
This Expedition is designed for everyone seeking a fun time, an exploration of off-the-beaten-path destinations, the opportunity to make new travel friends, and create unforgettable travel stories.


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