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Niger & Nigeria

If you had to apply to just one Wander Expedition, Niger & Nigeria should be it. Embark on an epic adventure of a lifetime in Niger and Nigeria with this one time only, exclusive Wander Expedition! Get ready to cross the Sahara and delve into the heart of culture and tradition. Discover hidden tribes and be mesmerized by their way of life. Explore legendary towns and ancient Muslim Sultanates that you’ve only read about in history books. Navigate through some of the toughest border crossings in West Africa and become an overlanding master!

This isn’t just any ordinary adventure, this is a life-changing experience that offers unbeatable value. Epic destinations and the best possible company means creating memories that will last a lifetime. So, what are you waiting for? This is your chance to break away from the beaten path and SAY YES to an experience that will transform the way you travel.


Disclaimer: this itinerary is tentative. Due to the adventurous nature of this Expedition we can’t guarantee a fixed route. When navigating these off the beaten path regions safety will be our number one priority and so, it may suffer changes.

Day 1: Arrival in Niamey. Airport pick-up and shuttle to our hotel to rest and prepare for our long overland journey.

Day 2: Niamey to Birnin Konni: Early morning start on our journey to Birnin Konni. Our first stop will be Kouré, a protected area in the Sahel where the last herds of West African giraffes live, an endemic subspecies found in western Africa. You will go on a safari in the Kouré Wildlife Reserve to observe these magnificent animals adapted to the scarce rainfall and pasture. After the safari, you will continue to Dosso, an ancient Zarma sultanate (a local ethnicity from southern Niger) to explore the beautifully decorated Hausa work where the city’s royal family still resides. Overnight in Birnin Konni.

Day 2: Birnin Konni. Birnin Konni is a border city with Nigeria which is Niger’s main trade partner. In this city, groups of herders from the interior come looking for new pastures and the waters of the dam built during colonial times. The city is characterized by the large number of children and the commercial atmosphere that permeates all the streets in the center. You will visit the market, the neighborhoods with their beautiful large adobe barns, and the dam area for its interesting agro-industrial environment.

Day 3: Birnin Konni to Yaama. After breakfast, we will journey to the heart of the untouched Niger. The Yaama region was barely impacted by the French colonization that lasted until 1960. Its isolation has allowed traditional architecture to thrive, and the population remains largely self-sufficient. Yaama is notable for the kindness of its people and the beautiful mosque built 100% with traditional methods despite being constructed in 1962. The building is so unique and special that it was awarded the Aga Khan Islamic Architecture Prize in 1986. We will discover rural and more traditional Niger and spend the night in this stunning and remote kingdom. Overnight in tents, camping under the starry sky.

Day 4: Yaama to Tahoua. We’ll wake up at sunrise, prepare a hearty breakfast and continue to Tahoua, the regional capital and a meeting point for the nomadic ethnic groups of Niger, including the proud Tuaregs and the flamboyant Woodabes who are famous for their flirting rituals. Tahoua is also an important commercial center between the Sahara Desert and the more fertile plains of southern Niger. We’ll explore the alleyways of the old center of Tahoua to reach the Sultan’s palace. If permitted, you will visit the palace’s fabulous interior decorated with Hausa motifs and full of relics from its glorious past as a caravan city.

Day 5 & 6: TAHOUA – WOODABE & TUAREG VILLAGES / WOODABE & TUAREG VILLAGES – TAHOUA. Early morning breakfast and an ethnographic journey to explore two fascinating Sahelian African villages; the Tuareg and the Woodabe or Fulani people. With a local guide, we will venture into the sandy savannah and visit some communities of these two villages that resist change despite the periodic droughts that plague this part of Africa and the modernizing pressures of the Niger government. This is an “adventurous” day, depending on how much we like one of the settlements we visit, we will ask the local chief for permission to spend the night with them under the starry sky. After bidding farewell to our hosts, we will return to Tahoua to enjoy a good shower and the comfort of the hotel. Afternoon free time.

Day 7: Tahoua to Agadez. We journey North, to reach the legendary Sahelian town of Agadez, a cultural and commercial epicenter in the Sahara for centuries. We’ll explore the traditional mud architecture of its old town, a photogenic UNESCO site since 2013.

Day 8: Agadez to Zinder. Nigeria is calling so we must head South, but on the way to the border we’ll finish with Zinder, another Sahelian gem town in Niger.

Day 9: Zinder to Katsina. Crossing border to Nigeria. This day will be all about the border crossing, an experience in itself. Get ready for a masterclass in West African border crossings. It doesn’t get more off the beaten path than Southern Niger with Nigeria! We will enter via Katsina, one of the busiest cities in Nigeria. With our local fixer, we will visit the central mosque and be welcomed by the Emir of the area.

Days 10, 11 & 12: Katsina – Kano – Zaria. Two days to explore the Muslim region of Northern Nigeria. We will start with Kano, the ancient capital of the Hausas and the oldest city in West Africa. It has over a thousand years of history and boasts an exciting architectural heritage, especially on the Muslim side. After spending the night in this wonderful city, we will continue the next day to Zaria, another interesting stage. Upon arrival, we will visit the royal palace with incredible paintings and geometric shapes. We will take a complete city tour.

Day 13: Zaria – Kaduna. A day to travel to Kaduna, another extraordinary city with a lot of atmosphere. We will finish exploring the Muslim regions in Nigeria by visiting Kaduna.

Day 14: Kaduna – Abuja.  We will arrive at the Nigerian federal capital. It is worth arriving with time to enjoy one of the most modern cities in Africa and party in our last night of this epic Expedition.

Day 15: Fly out. The saddest moment of every Expedition, having to fly out, return home and process all that we have experienced.

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Shared twin room in 3/4-star hotels (when available).

Camping gear

To get really off the beaten path with some of the tribes we'll need to camp on a few nights.


Expert local guide and fixer.


Private vehicles, fuel and drivers




All entrance fees and activities mentioned.

Visa Support

We'll support you with your Nigerian evisa application and any documents required for your Niger visa at your nearest Embassy.

Contribution to local communities

We try to create an impact contributing to every local community we visit.
June 30th – July 14th 2023

Our Selection Process takes only 10 minutes and it helps us create the best travel family!


Nigeria has a new evisa program. Niger requires us to apply in our nearest Embassy. Good news is that we’ll support you with any documents they request and we have ample time to get it.
Wander Expedition doesn’t book flights for you and is ultimately not responsible for your flight connection, but we can offer guidance and support when you research the best options for you. You will need to arrive on June 30th to Niamey, and can fly out as early as night of June 13th from Abuja.
We will remain in stable areas at all times and we will be always accompanied by an expert local crew, which will help us interact with locals and have the best possible experience. We’ll also be traveling in a huge convoy, so that removes many of the risks when you do it solo. Finally, we have the best local connections to ensure a hassle free journey along these otherwise very difficult land borders.
For experienced travelers joining us on West Africa you’ll get to meet a very fun group of people to share the adventure. Inexperienced travelers will grow to the challenge in these destinations, but one thing is clear, its the kind of Expedition that will be full of epic stories! The Niger & Nigeria Expedition is perfect if you are looking for a unique adventure reaching Saharan legendary ancient towns, off the beaten path tribes and cultures, Sahelian traditional architecture and the Muslim Sultanates of this overlooked regions of the World. As a bonus, you will get a Masterclass in landborder crossings with one of the toughest and rarely transited by travelers.


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