Papua New Guinea II


Papua New Guinea II

Papua is a land of immense cultural diversity, with over 1000 ethnic groups and 1000 languages. We’ll explore deep in the highlands to attend the most fascinating Cultural Show in the World, where dozens of tribes gather to dance and showcase their skills. We’ll meet and have a chance to experience how the famous Asaro Mudmen live, as well as the Skeleton Tribe of Mindima. This is a photogenic and adventurous journey to the tropical jungles of Oceania where you will experience first hand one of the most misunderstood countries in the World. And always, with the best group of people to share it with. Our spots are very limited so don’t think twice and apply now!


Day 1: Pre Festival in Mt. Hagen

Welcome to majestic Papua! To make the most of our time, Our Expedition starts in the early morning from Port Moresby Airport with an early flight to Mt Hagen. Today, we’ll have a whole day to explore villages around Mt Hagen, where is known for its rich artistic tradition and partaking in a Momo (pig sacrifice and slow roast in an underground pit) and pre-show activities.

Overnight in Mt Hagen.

Day 2 and Day 3: Festival Day, drive to Mindima.

We’ll rise early and make our way to the Mt Hagen show grounds. Tribes from all over the Western Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea and neighboring tribes from the Jiwaka Province will congregate to display their unique ‘sing sing’s (cultural dances). The Mount Hagen Cultural Show is world famous and a once in a life time experience.

Overnight in Mt Hagen.

Day 4: Mindima day, drive to Goroka in the afternoon.

We’ll drive to Mindima, and there we will meet the “Narku Dust Walkers” aka The Ash Kondai Pia tribe. We’ll finish the day at our Ecolodge near the village.

Overnight in Mindima.

Day 5: Asaro Village. 

After breakfast we will attend a morning performance by the Skeleton Tribe in the mystical cave where their legend started. We’ll then go back to the Skeleton Ecolodge and see the Insect Hunters and experience their traditions. In the afternoon, we’ll drive to Goroka, where we will spend the night.

Overnight in Goroka.

Day 6: Asaro Village. 

Morning walk to Mount Gurupoka to enjoy the ceremony and Ghost walk of the Asaro Mudmen. In their company, we will visit the old sacrifice cave and the cross on top of the holy mountain of Gurupoka. Back to basecamp for lunch and in the afternoon you will see the traditional making of the Asaro Masks and the Moko Moko Tribal Dance of Victory, a very spectacular show deeply tied to Asaro tradition.

Overnight at Asaro Mudmen Eco Lodge.

Day 7: Drive to Lae.

Today will begin with a ride to the coastal town of Lae along the scenic road. During World War II, some of the bloodiest fighting between Australian and Japanese soldiers occurred in Lae and it is still recognized as an important port of Papua. We will  visit WW II cemetery and see shipwreck of the Myoko Maru & Japanese War Memorial.

Overnight in Lae.

Day 8: Fly Lae to Port Moresby.

We will take the first flight out of Lae to Port Moresby. We recommend to allow a full day of buffer between this domestic flight and your international connection to ensure you make it. Flights in PNG are very unreliable and suffer delays and cancellations often.

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Domestic Flights

Two domestic flights to Mount Hagen and Goroka.


Shared rooms in 3-4star lodges in Mt Hagen and Port Moresby. Local Homestays with the tribes in Goroka and Mindima.


Private vehicle and driver.

VIP Tickets to Mt Hagen Cultural Show

VIP tickets for this one in a lifetime show.


Breakfast and meals in homestays in Goroka and Mindima are included (where it's hard to find restaurants or other food options).

Local Guides

Expert crew that will help us navigate and squeeze the most juice of our adventure.

Entrance Fees

All activities, dances and festivities mentioned in the itinerary.

Contribution to local communities

We make sure our visit directly impact and contribute to the economy of the tribes and local communities we meet.
August 16th – 23rd 2024

Our Selection Process takes only 10 minutes and it helps us create the best travel family!


PNG has an evisa for most nationalities, which we can help you navigate. We can also offer support if your passport doesn’t allow evisa.
Wander Expedition doesn’t book flights for you and is ultimately not responsible for your flight connection, but we can offer guidance and support when you research the best options for you. You will be flying to and from Port Moresby. Flights from Manila or Singapore are only 400 euros return!
This is a fantastic opportunity for those of you that want to explore this secluded region with a great group and the best local crew.
This Expedition is for everyone looking to have a fun time, explore an off the beaten path destination, make new travel friends and memorable travel stories. Papua is the perfect unique off the grid adventure, offering great cultural depth, secluded tribes, and stunning outdoors. It will be filled with travel stories!
Wander Expeditions is not a traditional travel agency where the first to pay is the first to go. We take you to stunning destinations, but we know the people you share it with is even more important when you travel. That’s why we have a refined selection process where we filter and vet candidates to ensure that groups are fun, balanced, diverse and interesting! We make sure candidates are on the same page and share our values of being fun, flexible and fearless, so we can guarantee everyone will have an amazing experience. We create travel families, so #trusttheprocess. Halfway through our process, we share the price with all pre-selected applicants. It only takes 15 min to apply, so you literally have nothing to lose! What are you waiting for to join the Wander Fam?


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