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This overland journey across 5 countries: Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Botswana and Angola will change your life. This is a very adventurous roadtrip, not for the faint hearted. We will explore deep in off-the-beaten path Angola without any tourism infrastructure. We will buy provisions, and camp in our rooftop tents in Namibia and Botswana. This is the Expedition of a Lifetime, the one you were waiting for: crossing landborders, remote territories, stunning sceneries, unparalleled wildlife and the best highlight of all: Victoria Falls. We will start easy with safaris in Etosha NP (Namibia), Chobe NP (Botswana) and then head into the wild Angola. This Expedition won’t be repeated, it’s a unique itinerary that you won’t find anywhere else. SAY YES.


Day 1: Lusaka to Victoria Falls (Zambia).

Day 2: Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe).

Day 3: Chobe NP (Botswana).

Day 4: Caprivi Strip (Namibia).

Day 5: Etosha NP.

Day 6: Etosha to Lubango (Angola)

Day 7: Lubango to Benguela. 

Day 8:  Benguela and Lobito. 

Day 9:  Lobito to Luanda

Day 10: Luanda and fly out.


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Shared twin room in 3/4-star hotels (when available) (Angola and Vic Falls) and camping in our rooftop tents (Botswana and Namibia).


Expert local guides and fixer.


Private 4WD vehicles, with rooftop tents, camping gear, fuel and drivers for our convoy.



Visa Support

We'll help you get the visa as we go! You dont need to worry about any of them, or applying in any Embassy.

Contribution to local communities

We try to create an impact contributing to every local community we visit.

Wander Expeditions Tour Leader

There will always be a WE tour lead with you, ensuring we create the best Travel Fam!


We can get all the visas hassle free (or you can try to get yours on your end). Prices for conveniency are a bit higher, as we wont have to deal with any paperwork or bureaucracy. They are as follows: – DRC & Angola: we can arrange for approx. 150 euros each – Namibia, Botswana, Zambia & Zimbabwe are mostly easy evisas: approx. 50 euros each These prices are tentative, it may vary a bit last minute. Total cost of visas conveniently for all 6 countries: around 500 euros.
Wander Expedition doesn’t book flights for you and is ultimately not responsible for your flight connection, but we can offer guidance and support when you research the best options for you. We recommend you fly a day early into Lusaka, on October 21st.
We will remain in stable areas at all times and we will be always accompanied by an expert local crew, which will help us interact with locals and have the best possible experience. We’ll also be traveling in a huge convoy, so that removes many of the risks when you do it solo. Finally, we have the best local connections to ensure a hassle free journey along these otherwise very difficult land borders.
You won’t this itinerary anywhere else! The Angola Expedition is perfect if you are looking for an overland adventure, a Masterclass in landborder crossings and exploring these off the beaten path regions in Africa. For experienced travelers joining us on this Angola Expedition you’ll get to explore off-the-beaten path Angola and meet a very fun group of people to share the adventure. Inexperienced travelers will grow to the challenge in these destinations, and enjoy the safari wonders of Etosha NP, Chobe NP and our epic start: Victoria Falls. One thing is clear, its the kind of Expedition that will be full of epic stories!

how to join?

If you want to be one of the fortunate people selected for our Angola Expedition:

  1. Make sure the dates work with you before you start the selection process.
  2. SAY YES and complete our online application form below.
  3. Once you’ve applied and signed up to Wander Expedition, we’ll update you as you move on in the selection process. Check your Spam folder regularly in case the automated emails go there!


Oct 22nd - Oct 31st

2 reviews for Angola

  1. despina.h88

    Did both expeditions from east to west of africa, from tanzania to angola. One of the best decisions of my life, it had everything, from safaris to camping. COULDNT RECOMMEND THIS ENOUGH

  2. Jorge Dominguez

    The Angola expedition had everything you can wish for in an African trip.

    We started off with the amazing Victoria Falls, a true wander of nature, then we moved on to Botswana and Namibia where we had amazing safaris seeing a lot of wildlife, and ended up with Angola, the best part and the biggest surprise for me: friendly locals, amazing culture, great landscapes, incredible beaches.

    10/10 would recommend joining this trip.

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