Nagaland & Bhutan


Nagaland & Bhutan

One of the hot launches for 2024! We combined the headhunters in Nagaland with the always magical Bhutan in the perfect itinerary in the best season to visit the Himalayas.

Nagaland, a region unlike any other, our expedition takes us off the beaten path, winding through jungles and the majestic Himalayas to encounter some of Asia’s most fascinating tribes, including the Konyak “headhunters” of Nagaland. Bhutan, a sovereign Himalayan Kingdom, is renowned for its stunning Buddhist monasteries and the iconic Tiger’s Nest Monastery, making it a must-visit destination for hikers seeking breathtaking trails and incredible scenery.

A true adventure that will rarely come by easily! SAY YES now and meet your new travel family!


Day 1: Dibrugarh to Mon (Nagaland)
  • The expedition begins in Dibrugarh (India) on the 26th April. You can easily arrive here by taking early flights from Delhi or Kolkata. From Dibrugarh, we’ll set off to our destination, the village of Mon in Nagaland.
Day 2: Konyak tribe.
  • Enjoy a full day with the Konyak tribe, known as the “Headhunter” tribe for the trophies they took after wars with their enemies.
Day 3: Veda Peak, Shangnyu Chui and Longwa Village. 
  • After breakfast we’ll explore some of the most photogenic villages in Nagaland. We’ll be as far East as you can go in India, and even cross into Myanmar in one of the villages, where the border splits the settlement in half.
Day 4: Bagdogra
  • Early in the morning, we’ll drive to Dibrugarh to catch the flight to Bagdogra, where we will spend the afternoon and evening waiting for our next flight to Paro in Bhutan.
  • Overnight in Bagdogra.
Day 5:  Paro
  • We will take a morning flight to Paro in Bhutan.
  • Full day discovering everything that Paro has to offer: mingling with locals, the photogenic monasteries and stunning natural surroundings.
  • Overnight in Paro.
Day 6: Thimphu
  • After breakfast we’ll drive to Thimphu, where we’ll start exploring.
  • Overnight in Thimphu
Day 7: Tiger’s Nest
  • Tiger’s Nest is the highlight of this Expedition’s itinerary and we saved this hike for last to end on a high note.
  • Overnight in Paro
Day 8: Flying out
  • After breakfast, it’s the saddest moment of any Expedition: saying goodbye! You can choose where to fly out from the exciting list of choices: Druk Air or Bhutan Airlines fly to Kathmandu (Nepal); and Delhi, Kolkata or Bagdogra in India.
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Shared rooms in 3-4star hotels when available


Private vehicle and driver.

Flights Dibrugargh-Bagdogra-Paro

Flights from Dibrugargh to Bagdogra and Bagdogra to Paro are included.

Entrance Fees

All entrance fees to sites on your itinerary


In India: Breakfast and dinners in homestays are included (where it's hard to find restaurants or other food options). Bhutan: all included.

Local Guides

Expert crew that will help us navigate and squeeze the most juice of our adventure.

Visa Bhutan

Bhutan visa is included.

Bhutan tourist fee

Bhutan tourist fee is per day and is all inclusive.
26th April – 3rd May 2024

Our Selection Process takes only 10 minutes and it helps us create the best travel family!


– Most nationalities can get an evisa to visit India. We’ll assist you in the process should you have any doubts. – We will arrange your Bhutanese visa.
Wander Expedition doesn’t book flights for you and is ultimately not responsible for your flight connection, but we can offer guidance and support when you research the best options for you. You will be flying to DIBRUGARGH from Delhi or Kolkata and flying from PARO (You can take any international flight from Paro to Kathmandu, Delhi, Kolkata or Bagdogra).
This Expedition is for everyone looking to have a fun time, explore an off the beaten path destination, make new travel friends and memorable travel stories. Nagaland is the perfect unique off the grid adventure, offering great cultural depth, secluded tribes, and stunning outdoors.
Nagaland and Bhutan are one of the safest destinations we’ve traveled to in Wander Expedition! It’s a fantastic first experience in South Asia for those of you that want to explore the most secluded side of this region with the best local crew.
Wander Expeditions is not a traditional travel agency where the first to pay is the first to go. We take you to stunning destinations, but we know the people you share it with is even more important when you travel. That’s why we have a refined selection process where we filter and vet candidates to ensure that groups are fun, balanced, diverse and interesting! We make sure candidates are on the same page and share our values of being fun, flexible and fearless, so we can guarantee everyone will have an amazing experience. We create travel families, so #trusttheprocess. Halfway through our process, we share the price with all pre-selected applicants. It only takes 15 min to apply, so you literally have nothing to lose! What are you waiting for to join the Wander Fam?


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