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Mali & Burkina

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Burkina and Mali are probably two of the most misunderstood countries in West Africa. With the help of our local expert crew, we’ll explore the beauty of their Sahel architecture, the ethnic groups that live there and the impressive landscapes they have to offer. A thrilling combination of monuments, culture, people, and outdoors in two of the least explored countries in the World. This adventure isn’t for everybody, but one thing is certain: the stories will be memorable!


Day 1: Ouagadougou – Bobo Dioulasso.

We have a stopover to Bazoulé to visit the sacred crocodile’s lake. In Bobo we will make a city tour going through the visit of the Mud mosque, Senoufo’s museum or music museum and the old neighborhood of Dioulassoba.

Overnight in Bobo Dioulasso.

Day 2: day: Bobo – Banfora ​.

Departure to Banfora to visit Sindou’s Peak, the domes of Fabedougou and Karfiguela’s waterfall in the afternoon.

Overnight in Banfora.

Day 3: Banfora – Bobo – Sikasso​​.

We depart  from Banfora to Sikasso. We will have a long journey to cross the Mali’s border.

Overnight in Sikasso.

Day 4: Sikasso – San – Djenne.

Departure from Sikasso to Djenne with a spotover at San for a visit at the mosque.
In Djenne we will have a city visiting the famous old mosque, djenepo’s place.

Overnight in Djenne.

Day 5: Djenne – Mopti (The venise of Mali).

In Mopti we’ll take a pirogue ride on the River Niger and its confluence, the River Bani. Visit to the town and fishing port.
Communion with cohabiting ethnic groups such as the Touaregs, Songhaï, Bambara and even Mossi coming from Burkina Faso.

Overnight in Mopti.

Day 6: Mopti – Segou.

Departure from Mopti to Segou,the former colonial capital of Mali, with its interesting mix of traditional and colonial architecture. After reaching the city of Segou, we will go to Segoukoro, capital of the ancient Bambara Empire where we will visit the king and his family. Explore the small town with a couple of interesting adobe buildings and an introduction to Bambara culture and traditions. City tour to admire French colonial heritage buildings designed in Sudanese style.

Overnight in Segou.

Day 7: Segou – Bamako – Sibi – Bamako.

Departure to Siby crossing Bamako. Insight view of the Mandingo’s life, Excursion through the rocks, Arch of Kamadjan, Consultation cellar, Organize the Sacrifice of the hunter to the Mandingan Gods. We also will have a short city tour, doing Market tours for shopping

Overnight in Bamako.

Day 8: Fly out.

After breakfast, the worst moment of every Expedition: we say goodbye. The Expedition is finished and we fly out.

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Shared twin room with breakfast in 3/4-star hotels (when available).


Expert local guide and fixer.


Private vehicles, fuel and drivers.

Visa Support

We'll help you get the visa or arrange a visa on arrival for you.

Contribution to local communities

We try to create an impact contributing to every local community we visit.
February 17 – 24th 2024

Our Selection Process takes only 10 minutes and it helps us create the best travel family!


We can arrange visas on arrival for you for both destinations. However, due to the cost, we suggest you apply for the Burkina visa at your nearest Embassy, since the fee is significantly lower. We can give you visa support when the time comes.
Wander Expedition doesn’t book flights for you and is ultimately not responsible for your flight connection, but we can offer guidance and support when you research the best options for you. We recommend you land in Ouagadougou a day earlier to have more time in the capital.
Both can be quite dangerous but we will remain in stable areas at all times and we will be always accompanied by an expert local crew, which will help us interact with locals and have the best possible experience. This Expedition certainly involves risks and so it requires everyone to be very flexible as security will always be our first priority.
For experienced travelers joining us on Burkina and Mali you’ll get to meet a very fun group of people to share the adventure. Inexperienced travelers will grow to the challenge in these destinations, but one thing is clear, its the kind of Expedition that will be full of epic stories! The Burkina and Mali Expedition is perfect if you are looking for an adventure and creating stories with a powerful human connection and photogenic landscapes.

2 reviews for Mali & Burkina

  1. Trey

    This was my 4th expedition and the best one yet!! Every day was filled with a unique experience and we got the best travel family with an amazing mix of characters, super fun. It was my first land border crossing in Africa and it was such a breeze, the planning was impeccable! Could have been a really rough trip with the heat but accommodations and transportation were top-notch! Thank you Mali and Burkina for your hospitality!

  2. Matei Rusu

    My favourite expedition so far. Both Mali and Burkina are so raw and pure. I went there with low expectations but came out with the best travel family ever and my most unforgettable memories! We experienced all kinds of things. From eating spicy caterpillars to bathing in a waterfall with the locals. Mali and Burkina are something different, but good “different”!

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