Dakar to Abidjan


Dakar to Abidjan

These 7 countries in the West African coast are arguably the toughest overland roadtrip you can embark on. Most avid travellers that try to take it on either give up, or finish exhausted without a good impression. Wander Expeditions is here to change that! We have created the most efficient itinerary without sacrifizing the best experiences in this region. Our convoy will be the best way to visit these 7 countries: Ivory Coast, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, The Gambia and Senegal. Two weeks from Abidjan to Dakar, with NO HASSLE. Through our amazing local contacts, we’ll pick up the visas on the go, and breeze through the borders. Forget about bribes, long waits and invest that time in experiencing the best of these countries. This is the best value two weeks you will find on Wander Expedition! One of those Expeditions we won’t offer often. Don’t miss the chance!


Day 1: Abidjan – Yamoussokro – Korhogo.

  • The Expedition starts in Abidjan, the biggest city in Ivory Coast and we encourage Expeditioners to arrive at least a day early, to relax in Grand Bassam on their own time.
  • As always in Wander Expeditions, we want our first day to start early so we can make the most of it. We’ll journey South to North across Ivory Coast, stopping in the huge Cathedral of Yamoussokro.
  • Overnight in Korhogo.

Day 2: Korhogo and the North. 

  • We slow down after that first long drive and we’ll explore the UNESCO Sudanese Mosques in Northern Ivory Coast. These mudmosques are similar to the sahelian ones, but far more rare with barely any visitors that reach them.
  • Overnight in Korhogo.

Day 3: Journey to Man.

  • We’ll drive to Man, in the West of the country, where we will attend a Magic Dance in a nearby village. We’ll visit a tribe and partake in the party the Zongleur have prepared for us.
  • Overnight in Man.

Day 4: Man to Monrovia.

  • We’ll drive to Monrovia. The Liberian capital is arguably the most electric city on our itinerary. Founded by freed slaves coming from the USA, Liberia is culturally distinct to its neighbours and very interesting to explore.
  • Of course, no visit to Monrovia would be complete without climbing to the top of the abandoned Ducor Hotel. The best view in town!
  • Overnight in Monrovia.

Day 5: Monrovia to Robertsport.

  • Robertsport is one of the most interesting stops we’ll encounter. Right by the Sierra Leone border, this laidback town has an incredible coastline and is surrounded by lush jungle.
  • Today will be the best day to spot wildlife and specifically chimpanzees! We’ll also have a chance to slow down, and even surf!
  • Overnight in Robertsport.

Day 6: Road to Freetown.

  • Our third country awaits! Sierra Leone! We’ll journey to its capital and enjoy a slow afternoon by its beaches and see how fishermen return home with their nets full of fresh bounty.
  • Overnight in Freetown.

Day 7: Freetown to Kamara Village.

  • Today we slow down on the driving to witness the celebrations that take place in Kamara, a nearby village in Sierra Leone.
  • It’s famous for its dances and festivities so it’ll be an incredibly authentic experience where we’ll get to mingle with the locals.
  • Overnight in Kamara.

Day 8:  Kamara to Conakry

  • Breaking down the journey to Conakry will make the drive shorter, and give us more time in the Guinean capital. We’ll visit the bustling fish market and its mosque, one of the biggest in West Africa.
  • Overnight in Conakry

Day 9:  Conakry to Labe

  • We’ll be cutting through Guinea’s jungle roads on our way to Labe, the second biggest city in the country, where we will visit the palace of Sekou Touré and the house of Mariam Makeba.
  • Overnight in Labe.

Day 10:  Labe to Bafata

  • Labe is Fouta country, so we’ll have a chance to meet them in the nearby villages on our way North, to Bissau.
  • Today we’ll be crossing another border into this former portuguese colony. Another great thing about this journey is that we will compare each country’s colonial past as well as their differences and similarities.
  • Overnight in Bafata.

Day 11:  Bijagos: Bubaque

  • Bijagos islands are undoubtedly the highlight of Bissau and arguably one of the best experiences on our itinerary. We’ll hop around them for a couple days enjoying everything they have to offer.

Day 12:  Bijagos: Bolama & Roxa

  • Bolama Island was the former capital of Portuguese Guinea, before Bissau, so today we’ll be exploring it’s colonial architecture.
  • Today we’ll also experience a carnival festivity that is famous in the Bijagos islands before heading back to the capital, Bissau.
  • Overnight in Bissau.

Day 13:  Bissau to Zinguichor to Banjul

  • We’ll wake up in Bissau, have lunch in Senegal and dinner in The Gambia. How’s that for a story?
  • Long day, with not so long drives, but 2 land borders to cross! It’ll definitely be a fun experience!
  • If all goes well, we can detour in Cap Skirring’s (Senegal) beaches for lunch.
  • Overnight in Banjul

Day 14:  Senegambia and road to Dakar

  • On our last full day, we’ll venture inland to the Unesco site of the Stonecircles of Senegambia. It’s an interesting piece of West African History and on the way, we’ll explore the jungle depths of this tiny country that follows the Gambia River.
  • In the afternoon, we’ll drive to Dakar, the last stop of our West African journey along the coast.
  • Overnight in Dakar

Day 15:  Dakar

  • The Expedition is over, and some of us will fly back home, and others might want to stay for a bit in Dakar, slow down, and sink in all that we have experienced in these incredible 2 weeks.
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Shared twin room in 3/4-star hotels (when available).


Expert local guide and fixer.


Private vehicles, fuel and drivers



Visa Support

We'll help you get the visa as we go! You dont need to worry about any of them, or applying in any Embassy.

Contribution to local communities

We try to create an impact contributing to every local community we visit.


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If you want to be one of the fortunate people selected for our Dakar to Abidjan Expedition:

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July 10th -24th 2022


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