Terms & Conditions - Booking Policy

Table of Contents

Booking Process and Payment:

Availability and Confirmation:

All bookings are subject to availability and Expedition confirmation.

Booking Requirements:

To book and reserve a spot on the Expedition, customers must complete the following:

  1. Payment of the deposit: Deposits will range from 1000 - 1500 euros, depending on the Expedition. Deposits must be paid within 2-3 working days from the reception of the booking email.
  2. Liability waiver: Customers must sign a liability waiver.
  3. Passport copy: Customers must provide a copy of their passport and any other necessary information needed to apply for their visa if Wander Expeditions is handling it.

Confirmation Email: Upon receipt of all booking requirements, a confirmation email will be sent to notify the customer. The spot on the Expedition will be considered confirmed only after the customer receives confirmation from WE.

Payment Methods:

Accepted payment methods will be communicated during the booking process but generally include credit card payment and bank transfer.

Remaining Balance:

The remaining balance must be paid no later than 90 days before the start of the Expedition, unless otherwise informed. The specific payment timeline for each Expedition will be mentioned in the booking email.

Payment Deadlines:

If a client fails to meet the payment deadlines, WE reserves the right to cancel the client's participation in the Expedition without issuing a refund for any previous payments made.

Flight Bookings:

Customers are advised not to purchase flights until they receive the Expedition brief with all the details and instructions on which flights to buy.

Customer Responsibility:

Customers are responsible for ensuring that their travel documents and personal information provided are up-to-date, including passport details and any other necessary details required for visa processes or invitation letters.


You are responsible for ensuring you have a valid visa for your destination, and while we provide support and advice, visa regulations may vary and change frequently. Our guidance is informative, but you should stay updated with your government's advice and the local Embassy. Wander Expeditions is not directly responsible for your visa, and we cannot offer any guarantees or refunds if you are unable to obtain it. For certain Expeditions, we will help arrange visas, but if you're unable to obtain one, no guarantees or refunds can be provided. Additionally, providing false information on your visa application can lead to your removal from the Expedition or any future Expeditions without refund.

Cancellations and Refunds:

Non-Refundable Payments:

All payments made are non-refundable due to the challenging nature of the logistics and destinations WE works with. WE can't be responsible for unforeseen events or situations in the customer's personal circumstances that may affect their ability to participate in the Expedition.

Cancellation Process:

If a customer wishes to cancel due to changes in their personal circumstances, they must email WE directly to formally inform them.

Replacement and Credit:

If a replacement is found for the customer on the Expedition (once it's full), the amount already paid can be used as credit for any other Expedition within the same year. If no replacement is found, the deposit will not be refunded and cannot be transferred to other Expeditions.

Cancellation within 90 Days:

If a customer cancels within less than 90 days, no changes or credits will apply.

Travel Insurance:

We recommend every customer has a reputable travel insurance that covers eventual changes in their personal circumstances for which they might not be able to join the Expedition. WE can't be responsible for unforeseen events or situations that may affect their ability to participate in the Expedition.

Expedition Cancellation:

Force Majeure:

If the Expedition cannot take place due to a force majeure event in the country that affects the safety and integrity of the group, the Expedition will be postponed.

1. Assessment and Decision:

The assessment of the situation will be done by Wander Expeditions in collaboration with local partners and sources on the ground. Risk alerts from different Ministries of Foreign Affairs or Western Media articles will not be the sole determining factors in this decision. Due to the nature of the destinations WE works with, these usually have "no travel recommendations" to begin with, so it needs to be a significant change in the status quo and an impossibility to carry out the Expedition as it was intended.

2. Customer Options:

If customers cannot attend the postponed Expedition on the new suggested dates, they can choose to use the amounts paid as credit for another Expedition.

3. WE's Right to Cancel:

WE reserves the right to cancel any booking for any reason. In such cases, a full refund will be provided.

4. Refund Deductions:

In the event of a refund, any credit card or exchange fees added at the time of the original payments or any incurred costs will be deducted.